6 Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Sofa Bed in Singapore

In tiny Singapore homes where space is often a constraint, sofa beds are great multi-purpose furniture that allows you to turn your rooms into multi-functional spaces. Whether you planning to have a work room that doubles up as a spare bedroom or need to have that extra bed to host the occasional overnight guest, sofa beds can come in handy!

Wondering how to go about choosing the best sofa bed for your needs? Our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture weigh in with their top 6 factors that you should consider before making your decision.

Sofa Bed Singapore
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The first and most important factor to consider is naturally the size of the sofa bed. Depending on which room you are planning to put your sofa bed in, you will need to choose a suitably sized one that can fit in the space (after conversion into a bed).

The good news? Sofa beds come in a wide variety of sizes, from compact 1 bedders, and spacious king-sized beds, to even bunk bed types that can sleep two and more comfortably.

Tip: Make sure to always check measurements before conversion and post conversion to see if both of them work well within your floor plan. Allow for enough room to walk around after conversion to a bed.



As with all other types of furniture, sofa beds come in a range of different prices – with corresponding features and levels of comfort.

For those on a tight budget, there are the basic futon-style sofa beds which are usually just a large cushion on a frame that can be converted into a futon easily. While these are affordable, there’s not much to be said for the comfort it provides.

Going higher on the price scale, you’ll be able to find sofa beds that come with better conversion mechanisms as well as more comfort for a good night’s sleep.

If you think about it, a sofa bed comes with both the function of a sofa and a bed, so it does make sense to budget a little more for this since you’re technically saving money from buying just one piece of furniture instead of two!


Type of Open & Close Mechanism

The key to a good sofa bed is the ease with which it can convert from a sofa to a bed and vice versa with minimal hassle and effort. As such, the type of open and close mechanism is key!

The Pull-Out Type Sofa Bed – The industry standard, where the opening of the bed requires the removal of the cushions atop the sofa and simply pulling out the folded mattress underneath on a spring-loaded frame.

Click Clack Type Sofa Bed – Without an additional mattress, the top and bottom halves of the sofa unlock and lay flat into a fully reclined bed. The name comes from the locking and unlocking function that keeps the sofa bed in its upright or reclined position.

Tip: Make sure you choose a mechanism that’s easy for you to manage!


How Often the Sofa Bed Will Be Used?

If you are planning to convert the sofa bed often for its bed function for a long-term house guest or an additional bed in your work-from-home office, then comfort is going to be key. As such, you might want to consider a sofa bed that comes with a proper quality mattress instead of just the basic models that use the existing sofa fillings.

Alternatively, if you only plan to use it for its bed function only occasionally, then you probably will want to focus on your preferences for an everyday sofa instead.


Quality of Sofa Bed Frame and Base

Regardless of whether you are planning to sleep or sit on your sofa bed, you want to make sure that it is made of quality materials that can support your weight and withstand frequent use over time.

Look out for frames that are made of hardwood or multi-layered plywood that are stronger and more durable and stay away from cheap wood that could potentially buckle under stress or pressure.


Type of Fabric Covering

Different types of fabric covering each come with different pros and cons. Depending on your interior design theme, the requirement for easy upkeep and durability, here are some of the most common fabric coverings that people go for:

Polyester – An affordable, stain-resistant, and easy to upkeep material that comes in a wide variety of colours. Works great for households with children or pets.

Leather – Luxurious and comfortable, leather is a relatively easy-to-maintain material that ages well with time, however it’s comparatively more expensive and limited in styles.

Velvet – A plush and luxurious texture, great for a good sleep, but expensive and difficult to upkeep for everyday use.


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