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We are the best storage bed frame supplier in Singapore offering wooden storage bed frames, super single storage bed frames, single storage bed frames and queen storage bed frames. Finding the right bed is essential in setting the mood for your dream bedroom, so don't be afraid to be fussy in choosing the perfect bed frame, size, and material; after all, the bedroom is a personal space where you can truly calm yourself.

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LUNA Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame - White Colour
  • $459.00
  • From $313.00
Free Delivery


LUNA Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame
  • $459.00
  • From $313.00
Free Delivery


LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard - Walnut Colour
  • $459.00
  • From $391.00
Free Delivery


LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard - Wooden Colour
  • $459.00
  • From $371.00
Free Delivery


LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard - White Colour
  • $459.00
  • From $371.00
Free Delivery
LUNA Upsized Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame From Queen to King Size - Wood
  • From $499.00
Free Delivery
LUNA Upsized Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame From Queen to King Size - White
  • From $499.00
Free Delivery
MADERA Simple Design Storage Bed Frame with Headboard
  • From $391.20
Free Delivery
MADERA Simple Storage Bed Frame with Two Spacious Drawers
  • From $368.76
Free Delivery
MADERA Queen Size Bed Frame With 4 Drawers
  • $768.00
Free Delivery
MADERA Multi-Compartment Storage Bed Frame with Headboard
  • From $435.96
Free Delivery
MADERA Storage Bed Frame with Three Spacious Drawers
  • From $391.81
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Essential Mattress
  • $459.00
  • From $399.56
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Comfort Mattress
  • $459.00
  • From $455.00
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA PRO Mattress
  • $795.00
  • From $597.55
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Premier Mattress
  • $1,230.00
  • From $835.05
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Essential Mattress - Wooden Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $486.31
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Essential Mattress - Walnut Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $486.31
Free Delivery


The Ultimate Storage Bed Guide

Looking for a solution to the lack of storage space in your small bedroom? One economical solution that does not require any expensive cabinetry is to get a storage bed – that doubles up as extra space while providing a comfortable space to sleep.

Not familiar with what a storage bed is? Here’s a full guide to this amazingly practical and useful piece of furniture that you should consider if you have a small room layout.


What is A Storage Bed?

As the name suggests, a storage bed is a bed that comes with plenty of useful storage capacity – whether in the form of pull-out drawers, under the bed storage compartments accessible via a lifting mechanism, or shelving.


Why Should You Get a Storage Bed?

Wondering why you should opt for a storage bed instead of a normal bed frame? Well, here are some incredibly compelling reasons why:

  • They provide plenty of space to store large bedroom essentials like beddings and more
  • The storage space is out of sight, usually tucked away under the bed, so you don’t have to deal with clutter in the bedroom
  • Due to the added storage compartments, storage beds are more stable and better at providing support
  • Some storage beds offer customization in terms of compartments so you can decide how to design the storage space for your specific needs
  • Some types come with upholstered and padded frames for extra comfort
  • It fully utilizes the space under your bed, which means no more getting things lost under the bed


What Types of Storage Beds Are There?

Once you’re convinced about getting a storage bed, the next step is to decide which type you may prefer.


Ottoman Storage Beds

Ever seen a bed that can lift to reveal spacious compartments hidden underneath the mattress? That’s an ottoman storage bed for you!

Ottomans are a popular choice for small bedrooms due to the large storage capacity (usually large as the size of your mattress) and because they open upwards, and not sideways like drawers, and hence will not be constrained by the lack of floor space.

Worried about lifting a heavy mattress to get access to your items? Many new models now come with smart hydraulic lifting mechanisms or are even able to be remote-controlled.


Divan Storage Beds

Another common category of storage beds is divan beds. Usually upholstered with plush padded fabric, divan beds tend to have a base that’s the same size as the mattress it supports (a slight space-saving feature), padded headboards, and pull-out drawers.

These tend to come with plenty of customisable storage options – from multiple side drawers, end drawers, or even ottoman-style lift-up storage underneath the bed.


Wooden Bedframes with Drawer and Shelving Storage

Don’t need the plush upholstery that typically comes with Divan beds or the fancy mechanisms of the Ottoman? Then opt for no-frills wooden bed frames with storage compartments for significant cost savings, while being able to customize storage features to your heart’s content!

Prefer something compact and does not take up too much space, while blending perfectly with your minimalist Scandinavian or Muji-esque interior? That’s our LUNA Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame for you. A simple solid one-piece high box platform, it not only accommodates a trio of sliding drawers but also flip-up deep storage compartments. Comes in two colours – Walnut and Natural Wood.

Prefer to maximize storage compartments around your sleeping area? Opt for additional storage compartments with our LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard instead. With sliding drawers, under the bed storage, and a headboard that offers open storage spaces for display and even a “locker” space from the side, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to storage.


What To Consider When Deciding Which Storage Bed to Buy?

So how should you decide which type of storage bed to go with? Here are some simple considerations you might want to take note of before making your choice:


Ease of Operability

Depending on who will be using the bed, you might want to consider which type of storage compartment is easier to access.

For example, you might not want to consider an ottoman bedframe that requires strength to lift (if not remote-controlled) and may not be suitable for elderly users or those with back problems.

Drawers in a divan bed or wooden bedframe, on the other hand, are probably easier to use for anyone, including little children, but may not be feasible if the room does not have sufficient space for the drawers to open fully.


Type of Things You Plan to Store

Are you planning to store huge items like suitcases, beddings, and whatnot that require significant storage capacity that only require access only once in a blue moon? If so, an ottoman is the perfect choice as it usually comes with more storage capacity depth-wise.

On the other hand, if it’s for storing smaller items like clothes, toys, or things you tend to require easy and frequent access to, then drawers are probably your best bet. After all, you probably don’t want the hassle of constantly lifting the bed just to get to your stuff every day.



Ottomans tend to be the priciest of the lot, due to the mechanisms to lift the bed. Divans with drawers tend to be middle range due to the cost of the upholstery, whereas wooden bedframes tend to be the most affordable while still offering the flexibility of storage compartment customizations.


Personal Style

Ottomans and divans tend to come in upholstered fabrics versus wooden bedframes with matching storage that comes with a different aesthetic – so it’s really about which best fits your style and room décor.

Guides on Buying Bed Frames in Singapore

When it comes to a good night’s sleep, the first thing that comes to mind is having a good mattress! But what many people tend to neglect is that a mattress without a proper bed frame is like a house without its foundation.

So, if you’re planning on a good night’s sleep, you’ll need to make sure you get a suitable bed frame to accompany your good-quality mattress.

Not sure how to go about picking the right bed frame? Our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture are here to walk you through the various aspects you need to consider.


Figure Out Your Budget for the Bed Frame

As with all different types of furniture, bed frames come in different price ranges – from low-cost bed frames under SGD 100 to super high-end ones above SGD 1000. As such, knowing your budget helps to narrow down your options significantly, so we suggest starting with that.

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest option, since mattresses are already expensive, do keep in mind that a sturdy, stable, and supportive bed frame will need to be built from quality materials and might cost a little more.

Size of Your Mattress to Match the Bed Frame

If you have already decided on a mattress, this step is simple – just make sure to look for a bed frame that matches the dimensions of your mattress.

Good news? Most bed frames offered by Singaporean retailers are designed to fit the standard mattresses sizes here:
• King Size – Width 183 cm X Length 190 cm
• Queen Size – Width 152 cm X Length 190 cm
• Super Single – Width 107 cm x Length 190 cm
• Single – Width 91 cm X Length 190 cm

Note, not all bed frame models come with every single size. So, make sure to check that your choice of bed frame fits your mattress size.

Decide on Your Height Preference for the Bed Frame

If you’ve ever found it difficult to climb into bed or get off your bed, then you’ll know exactly how important it is to get your bed frame height just right.

One common way to test for the ideal bed frame height is to find a chair that you can comfortably sit in (with feet resting on the ground) and measure the distance from the seat to the floor – that’s the ideal combined height of your bed frame and mattress. The idea is that you should be able to get off your bed comfortably like you can get off a chair.

Have kids or pets that share your bed? Then you might need to accommodate their needs with a shorter bed frame.


Storage Requirements for the Bed Frame

Find your bedroom storage compartments lacking? In this case, you might want to consider a bed frame that offers storage compartments, fully maximizing the valuable real estate it is taking up.

Depending on your needs, these common types of bed frame storage might be useful for you:
• Under the bed pull-out storage drawers
• Storage under a lift-up frame
• Headboard storage cabinets

Whichever option you choose, you’ll find that bed frames that come with additional storage compartments are a convenient way to help keep your bedroom space organized and tidy.


Headboard with the Bed Frame or None?

For many people, headboards tend to be viewed as a decorative feature of modern bed frames, but there are some benefits to them that you might want to consider.

Have the habit of leaning up against the wall as you indulge in a mystery novel or Korean drama before bed? A headboard (upholstered or propped with a pillow) would help provide support for your back and neck so that you can sit up comfortably in bed.

That’s not all, headboards also come in handy in avoiding direct contact with the wall behind and dirty or damage it over time.

Find yourself feeling cold at night? A headboard can act as an insulation barrier between your mattress and the walls to keep the chills away.


Style & Aesthetic of the Bed Frame

Now that you’ve gotten the various functional considerations out of the way, it’s time to follow your heart when it comes to aesthetics.

Here are the top bed frame styles you’ll come across in the market:
• Wooden bed frames – the most typical bed frame of normal height, usually comes with a headboard
• Platform bed frames – characterised by low height (close to the ground) or even legless and minimalist structure
• Storage bed frames – two main categories include sliding drawers or lift-up beds’
• Canopy bedframes – comes with four posters at the corners of the bed frame, usually for you to drape fabric across the top for added privacy or drama

Lulu Furniture’s Top Picks for Bed Frames in Singapore

Ready to start shopping for your bed frame? Why not start with our collection at Lulu Furniture? Here are 3 of our top picks!


Tatami Bed Frame

Looking for something simple and minimalist with lots of storage options? Our LUNA Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

With 3 sliding drawer cabinets and 3 spacious under-the-bed compartments, you’ll never have to worry about running out of space for your personal belongings.
Comes in two easy-to-match colours: Walnut and Wooden


Bed Frame with Storage Headboard

Think that headboards are not very useful? Think again. Our LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard brings headboards to the next level with its functional design.

The 1.5 headboard addition is a popular option for people who like to keep their personal effects like books, jewellery, phones, room décor, and more, closer to their beds.


Classic & Simple Bed Frame Design

The MADERA Simple Design Bed Frame with Headbox and Drawers is as its name suggests – simple in design and easy to match any bedroom aesthetic.

It comes with 3 easy to pull out drawers for storage, and a headbox with a ledge for displaying your personal effects.


Shop For Your Bed Frame at Lulu Furniture Today!

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