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CLOUDY Luxury Dressing Table Set - with LED Mirror
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MARSE Dressing Table Set (0.8m Type)
  • $299.00
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MARSE Dressing Table Set (1.1m Type)
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CLOUDY Luxury Dressing Table Set - 0.8M
  • $1,690.00
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LINA Luxury Dressing Table Set - with LED Mirror
  • From $1,099.00
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LINA Simple Dressing Table Set with LED Mirror
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Dressing Table Ideas Perfect for Small Bedrooms

Here’s a truth bomb: Vanities and dressing tables are a luxury to have in small Singaporean homes.

BUT, while floor space is indeed precious in small bedrooms, it does not necessarily mean that you must give up on your dreams of having a peaceful and quiet space in the mornings for you to get ready for the day.

Love the idea of playing dress-up or having a dedicated space for your day and night beauty routines but are not sure how to allocate valuable floor space in your small bedroom for such a luxury?

Our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture have put together some tips for you to learn how you can make a dressing table work for you even in a tiny space.


Floating Dressing Tables

Finding it tough to allocate even the smallest of floor space for your dressing table? Not to worry, just opt for a floating dressing table instead – no floor space required at all.

Simply find an empty wall and mount it on, paired with a wall mount mirror and there you have it – a simple, aesthetic, and functional dressing table.

The only con? With its slim profile, it may not necessarily offer the most amount of desk space for your skincare and beauty products, but it’s better than nothing!


Utilize Mirrors in Dressing Tables to Create Illusion of Space

In a small space, mirrors are usually go-to accessories to help fool the eye into creating a semblance of spaciousness and offer a widening effect.

Tip:  the bigger the mirror, the better the effect.

When it comes to large dramatic mirrors to achieve this effect, our CLOUDY Luxury Dressing Table Set is perfect for the job.

With a large smart LED touch screen makeup mirror, atop the slender fluted silhouette of the minimalist dresser, and a comfortable stool that can be stowed away neatly under the dresser, it has everything you want in a dresser without taking up too much space.


Easily Stowed Away Chairs with Dressing Tables

One of the biggest things to take note of when deciding on a vanity table for a small bedroom is not only the size of the table but also the accompanying chair.

If the table is slim and compact but the chair is not, it will still end up taking up valuable real estate in the room.

Our tip? Opt for simple yet comfortable stools instead of full-back chairs as they are easily tucked away when not in use.

Check out our LINA Simple Dressing Table Set to learn how you can easily pair a compact vanity with a stool instead of a traditional chair.


If Storage Is Key with Dressing Tables

Keeping your vanity’s tabletop clutter-free is key to ensuring your small space doesn’t look even more cramped than it is.

To do so, storage is key! Wondering if it’s tough to get enough storage with a small dresser? It’s entirely possible as seen in certain of our dressing table sets.

Within its tiny frame, it comes with plenty of storage with one wide drawer, another with a multi-cell design for easy organization, and an extra display rack atop for easy access.


Make Use of Unused Corners for Dressing Tables

Have a tight corner or recess in the room that is too small for any other purpose? Consider fitting a tiny dressing table in the space instead.

If it’s an awkward shape, you can always customize a floating tabletop to fitting perfectly in the niche.

If not, you can just find a compact-sized vanity, like our 0.8m MARSE Dressing Table Set that is a great fit for tucking away into small corners and spaces. The small stool that it comes with is also easily stowed away under the table when not in use.


Extension of Your Wardrobe with Dressing Tables

Having your vanity right next to your wardrobe makes absolute sense! But how can you do it while saving space at the same time?

Here are a few ways you can consider if you are planning to splash out on customized carpentry:

  • As a recessed area within your built-in wardrobe
  • A pull-out or fold-out table from within the wardrobe
  • A full-length mirror panel alongside your wardrobe with storage cubbies for a standing dresser

Multi-Purpose Dressing Tables

In small spaces, the best space-saving solution is to have your furniture double up on its functions to save yourself the need for another bulky piece of furnishing in the room.

In the case of a vanity table, you can always use it as a dual-purpose table – for makeup and beauty routines in the mornings and nights, and a study or worktable for all other times of the day.

Our 1.1 m MARSE Dressing Table Set is perfect for this dual functionality:

  • For your morning beauty routines, simply flip up the hidden makeup mirror for access to a large and organized storage space.
  • Need to do some work? Simply flip the mirror down to reveal a spacious tabletop for you to do your work.


Add Your Own Little Touches for Dressing Tables

Finally, let’s remember that the dressing table is more than a functional piece of furniture.

It is a dedicated space for you to indulge in the moments of dressing up and pampering yourself in your self-care routines. So don’t forget to add a little extra touch to make it a more relaxing and comfortable space for you.

From having your prettiest pieces of jewellery on display, incorporating a scented candle, to placing a comfortable throw rug on your stool or chair, there are so many things you can do!


Looking For Dressing Tables in Singapore?

Look no further! At Lulu Furniture, we offer a wide range of dressing tables – from compact and minimalist styles to ornate and luxurious tables for your choice of indulgence.

Interested to learn more? Simply head over to our website to browse our diverse collection of durable and affordable vanity table sets.

Need some extra assurance? All our furniture comes with 6 months of local warranty, so go ahead and shop with peace of mind today!