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We are the best latex mattress supplier in Singapore offering queen size mattress, single size mattress, super single size mattress and king size mattress specially for Singapore climate. Each mattress in our collection (Comfort | Pro | Premier) is meticulously designed with hybrid cutting-edge mattress technology to create the ideal environment for you to enjoy a comfortable and uninterrupted slumber through the night. Check our bed and mattress bundle for greater discount! Refer to our mattress size guide to find the proper mattress size for you.

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LUANNA Essential Anti-Mite Spring Mattress - 15 CM/ 6 Inch
  • $299.00
  • From $99.00
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LUANNA Comfort Tight Top Cool Gel Memory Anti-Mite Hybrid Mattress
  • $299.00
  • From $189.00
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LUANNA Pro Tencel™ Euro Top Cool Gel Memory Hybrid Mattress
  • $499.00
  • From $339.00
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LUANNA Premier Ice Silk Latex Pillow Top Hybrid Mattress
  • $799.00
  • From $589.00
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Essential Mattress
  • $459.00
  • From $399.56
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Comfort Mattress
  • $459.00
  • From $455.00
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA PRO Mattress
  • $795.00
  • From $597.55
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Bundle DEAL Tatami Bed Frame + LUANNA Premier Mattress
  • $1,230.00
  • From $835.05
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Essential Mattress - Walnut Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $486.31
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Comfort Mattress - Walnut Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $551.00
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA PRO Mattress - Walnut Colour
  • $899.00
  • From $693.50
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Premier Mattress - Walnut Colour
  • $1,290.00
  • From $931.00
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Essential Mattress - Wooden Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $486.31
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Comfort Mattress - Wooden Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $551.00
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA PRO Mattress - Wooden Colour
  • $899.00
  • From $693.50
Free Delivery


Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Premier Mattress - Wooden Colour
  • $1,290.00
  • From $931.00
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Essential Mattress - White Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $486.31
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Bundle DEAL Storage Bed Frame with Headboard + LUANNA Comfort Mattress - White Colour
  • $729.00
  • From $551.00
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Learn more about what makes our LUANNA mattresses so special!

Natural Latex

All-Natural Latex Layer in Mattress for Ultimate Comfort and Support

At Luanna, we believe that comfort and support are essential elements of a great sleeping experience. That’s why our LUANNA mattresses incorporate an all-natural latex layer to deliver just that!

The Many Benefits of All-Natural Latex Include:

  • Ultimate Comfort: The innate springiness of natural latex (derived from the sap of rubber trees) offers a relaxed buoyancy to the latex mattress for that gentle cushioning sensation as you plop yourself on the bed! Imagine yourself laying down on a soft bouncy cloud. That’s close to how it feels like with latex.
  • Optimal Body Support: Comfort aside, latex also makes for the perfect choice for a mattress because of its responsive support for bodyweight distribution and natural spinal alignment. Thanks to the ergonomic cushioning effects of the latex layer, you can say goodbye to waking up with painful joints or backaches.
  • Good Air Circulation: Unlike most synthetic materials, the porous structure of natural latex helps to enable good airflow within the mattress. This means no uncomfortable damp surfaces and a cooling and enjoyable surface to rest on throughout the night – even in intolerably hot Singapore weather!
Cool Gel Memory

Best-in-Class Cooling Gel Memory Foam in Mattress to Keep Cool All Night Long

Finding yourself waking up in the middle of the night due to night sweats?

That can be the case if you are using traditionally dense mattresses like conventional memory foam mattresses which trap your body heat.

To combat this perennial problem of warm mattresses, our Luanna mattresses incorporate the best-in-class mattress technology – cooling gel memory foam to help you keep those night sweats at bay!

With super-efficient heat dissipation abilities of cooling gel particles combined with the pressure-relieving properties of memory foam, Luanna mattresses now offer the best of both worlds.

How does it work? The cooling gel infusion acts as a superconductive thermal layer to encourage faster rates of heat loss compared to traditional memory foam layers.

With this amazing feature, you can now get ready to enjoy a cooling night of uninterrupted sleep!

LUANNA Pocket Spring

Proprietary LUANNA Pocket Springs in Mattress for Exceptional Durability and Motion Isolation

In our mission to create the best mattress for a good night’s sleep, apart from the obvious criteria of comfort and support, we also wanted it to be durable and be suitable for all types of sleepers – from super light sleepers to the complete knockouts.

Hence, instead of using run-of-the-mill pocket springs, we sprung for (pun intended!) our very own proprietary LUANNA Pocket Springs! Only the best type of springs for the very best mattress we sought to create.

What’s Special About Our LUANNA Pocket Springs?

  • Long-Lasting & Durable: Crafted from the highest quality of Vanadium steel springs and encased in natural calico pockets, they have undergone extensive testing, guaranteed to retain their springiness for up to 10 long years.
  • Ultimate Motion Isolation: Each pocket spring is individually hand-nested into its respective section within each layer, that moves independently, allowing for ultimate motion isolation. No matter how hard the impact or where your partner chooses to roll about, you can rest assured that it will not interfere with your rest at all.
  • Provides Targeted Support: Ergonomically designed, our pocket springs are positioned to ensure full lower back support so that you can enjoy pain-free sleep.

LUANNA Pocket Springs Versus Traditional 100% Memory Foam

LUANNA Pocket Spring Mattress

Traditional 100% Memory Foam Mattress

  • Long-lasting & durable – up to 10 years
  • Odor-free
  • Non-toxic – made from corrosion-resistant Vanadian steel and natural cotton calico
  • Motion-isolation
  • Usually loses firmness within 2-3 years
  • Build up odors due to highly absorbent properties
  • Potentially toxic due to polyurethane compounds that could induce irritation and allergies
  • No motion isolation

  • ICE Silk Top

    ICE Silk Top Fabric for Added Breathability and Cooling Effect (Designed for LUANNA Premier Mattress)

    Luxurious, buttery soft to the touch, and extremely cooling on the skin, ICE Silk is our premium choice for top fabric for our high-end mattress model – the LUANNA Premier.

    Want to experience what it feels like to sleep in ultimate luxury like a king? Now you can with our curated ICE Silk Top Fabric that takes the sleeping experience to the next level!

    Up to 65% colder to touch than conventional mattress top fabric fibres like linen or cotton, the ICE Silk Top Fabric lets you indulge in the amazing sensation of sleeping on a cool surface even in a hot and humid climate like Singapore.

    That’s not all! Its incredible breathability also allows for dampness from perspiration throughout the night to be wicked away for an always cool and dry sleeping experience.

    Worried that the upkeep of such a luxurious material for your mattress would be a hassle? Not to worry at all! Unlike real silk which it was named after for its similar properties, it is a highly durable fabric that can withstand heavy-duty steam cleaning for its upkeep.

    Tencel Top

    Tencel Top Fabric for Enhanced Ventilation and Anti-bacterial Properties (Designed for LUANNA Pro Mattress)

    A 100% natural, breathable, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic material, Tencel makes for a great choice of top fabric for our mid-range mattress model – the LUANNA Pro.

    Tencel is a true all-rounder when it comes to its performance in bed!

    Gentle and cooling on the skin, with excellent moisture wicking and ventilation properties that result in a cooling effect as a mattress top fabric, it is the ideal choice for hot and humid climates like Singapore!

    As a result of Tencel’s amazing moisture regulation properties, it remains dry most of the time, slowing down the growth of bacteria and dust mites (that thrive in warm and humid environments).

    Interesting fact: Bacteria growth is 2000 X slower in Tencel fabrics compared to regular synthetic fibres.

    With its amazing wealth of properties that keep your mattress cool to the touch, dry, and far away from nasty allergens and bacteria, Tencel is a good top fabric choice for anyone – but a particularly great choice for little children and sensitive adults.

    3D Mesh Fabric

    3D Mesh Fabric for Complete 360°Air & Moisture Circulation (Designed for LUANNA Comfort Mattress)

    In creating the perfect mattress for a hot and humid climate like Singapore, there is no detail too small when it comes to ensuring complete air and moisture circulation for a comfortable sleeping experience.

    Apart from the normal focused aspects, like the top fabrics and internal structure, plenty of thought went into the choice of material for the borders of the mattress as well.

    With the incorporation of 3D Mesh Fabric, a new highly permeable fabric type with a six-sided breathable hollow structure, that borders the sides of the mattress, the design of the perfect mattress is complete.

    With 360°complete air and moisture circulation, our LUANNA mattresses can dissipate body heat and moisture easily and keep your sleeping environment dry and cool all night long.

    Anti-Mite Tech

    Anti-Dust Mite Technology in Mattress to Minimize Risk of Allergies

    Suffering from asthma or allergies that make it difficult to sleep through the night?

    Dust mites, microscopic bugs commonly found in mattresses, are one of the most common allergens that trigger allergic reactions and are one of the major causes of interrupted sleep at night.

    While dust mite covers and hypoallergenic bedding help to create a protective barrier against these pesky creatures, they do not stop them from breeding within the mattress.

    To eliminate the issue with dust mites at its core, our LUANNA mattresses are designed specially with nano-scale antibacterial and anti-mite particles incorporated into the fibrils of the mattress fabric, creating an inconducive environment for these nasty creatures to reproduce.

    Now, with the help of cutting-edge nanotechnology, no one has to suffer a bad night because of allergies anymore!

    Designed in France

    Designed in France, Best Mattress for the Singapore Climate

    The journey to create the perfect mattress for the hot and humid Singapore climate began in a country across the globe – France.

    There, our local veteran mattress designers together with French sleep experts, put their amazing minds together. Combining their intimate knowledge of the Singapore climate, expertise in mattress engineering, and sleeping habits and patterns, the collaboration culminated in the LUANNA mattress collection that we are so proud of today!

    To combat the year-long summer temperatures (averaging around 23-32°C) and perpetually humid climate (averaging around 60 -90%), our LUANNA mattresses are specially designed to address these two problems:

    • Curated choices of top fabrics (Tencel and ICE Silk) that not only offer breathability, and strong moisture-wicking properties but are cooling to the touch for a dry and comfortable sleeping environment.
    • Incorporation of a Gel Memory Foam layer, a hybrid material that combines the superior support of traditional memory foam but without its heat-trapping properties thanks to the infused gel particles that help dissipate heat quickly.
    • Anti-dust mite and bacterial technology are incorporated into the mattress to keep nasty bacteria and dust mites at bay (a common problem in humid environments).


    The Best of Both Worlds – Mattress Comfort & Support

    Finding it hard to decide between the different types of mattresses (pocket spring mattress versus memory foam mattress) that offer either comfort or support but not both? Why not have the best of both worlds with a LUANNA mattress instead!

    With a cooling top fabric, a memory foam layer that provides comfortable cushioning, and pocket springs that offer targeted support, you can now indulge in a top-class orthopaedic sleeping experience.

    Don’t just take our word for it! Tested in extensive sleep trials and passing with flying colours, the LUANNA Mattress are rated between 6.1/10 to 6.9/10 for firmness – the most popular levels of firmness amongst Singaporean consumers!


    Uninterrupted Sleep with No Disturbance

    Say goodbye to those nights when you get jolted awake because of a tiny movement by your partner.

    With LUANNA’s hybrid isolated pocket spring and memory foam layers, you can now stay sound asleep no matter what is happening around you in bed.


    The Science Behind Ideal Firmness & Better Sleep for Mattress

    Whether you are sleeping on a pocket spring mattress or memory foam mattress, your body could “sink into” the mattress or end up resting just atop it, depending on its firmness.

    So how does this firmness affect your sleep? You’ll be surprised to know that it’s not just about personal preference but how it affects your body.

    Based on the mattress industry, beds are rated on a scale of 1 – 10, with 1 being the softest mattress there is and 10 being the hardest.

    Too Soft
    Rating of 1-5

    Optimal Firmness
    Rating of 6-7

    Too Hard
    Rating of 8-10

    When sleeping on soft mattresses, the heavier parts of your body (the mid-section) will tend to sink downwards into the mattress. 

    Over a long-time, this could result in permanent spinal misalignment.

    At this level of firmness, most people will enjoy sufficiently distributed support across the body.

    This is great for your posture, pain-relieving, and restorative sleep.

    With mattresses that are too hard, you will experience a lot of pressure on your shoulder and hips.

    Over time, it will cause significant discomfort in your joints.

    Based on orthopaedic specialists’ recommendations, a 6-7 firmness rating is the ideal mattress firmness for anyone between 40 – 120 kg.

    So make sure you make the smart choice for your health and body!


    Comparison among 3 Types of LUANNA Mattress

       LUANNA Comfort LUANNA
    LUANNA Premier
    Mattress Top Tight Top Euro Top Pillow Top
    Mattress Firmness 6.1/10 6.5/10 6.9/10
    Mattress Cooling 8.9/10 9.2/10 9.8/10
    Mattress Height 15 cm / 6 Inches 24 cm / 10 Inches 30cm / 12 inches
    Mattress Features 3D Mesh Fabric Tencel
    (Extra Cooling)

    Silk Tencel (Supper Cool)
    Natural Latex (Extra Comfort)

    Coolgel Memory Foam (Cool)    ✓    ✓    ✓
    Support Memory Foam    ✓    ✓    ✓
    Anti-Mite Layers     ✓    ✓    ✓
    LUANNA Coil Support Springs (Extra Support)    ✓    ✓    ✓

    Conclusion Value
    Airflow Function Eco, Anti-Allergy Promotes Pain Relief
    Natural Resistance to Mould and Dust Mites

    Perfect Support and Comfort

    Extremely Comfortable, Smooth Touch with Cool Feeling
    Perfect Motion Isolation Cold Feeling Eco-Friendly