101 Guide to Mattress Sizes in Singapore

Looking to buy a new mattress in Singapore? Make sure you read this article first to avoid simple mistakes that first-time mattress buyers make when it comes to mattress sizes.  

 Mattress Singapore

If you are a first-time buyer shopping around for your first mattress (a hefty investment for your back health and a good night’s sleep), you want to make sure you get everything right.

Once you’ve decided on which brand and model of mattress you would like to get, the very last step is to pick the correct mattress size. Here’s a simple guide of everything you need to take note of.


 Mattress Sizes in Singapore


Common Mattress Sizes in Singapore

When it comes to mattress sizes in Singapore, there are four main standard sizes you can expect to choose from – single, super single, queen and king.

Wondering exactly what these terms mean? Here’s a quick run-through of each mattress’s specific dimensions and what each size is most suitable for.

Single Size Mattress 

Single Size Mattress | Recommended for: Kids or Petite Adults.

At a conservative size of 91 cm in width and 190 cm in length, the single size mattress, being the smallest available mattress size, makes for a perfect choice for kids or petite adults.

The small frame of the single size mattress is often a benefit for people looking for mattresses that can fit in small bedrooms (particularly in condominiums) to help save space and cost.

However, do note that the small size also means lesser space for tossing and turning in bed. As such, for adults that have the habit of moving around in their sleep, this might not be the best choice as there is limited space.


Dimensions in centimetres (cm):  W 91 cm X L 190 cm

Dimensions in inches (in): W 36 in X L 75 in

Super Single Size Mattress 

Super Single Size Bed| Recommended for: Growing Teenagers or Typical Adult.

With a more generous size of 107 cm in width and 190 cm in length, the Super Single offers a significant 18% increase in width space up from the Single size. Making it an ideal choice for growing teenagers and your typical adult.

Rather, for anyone who enjoys the comfort of rolling around in bed, this increase in width size will be much appreciated.

Pro tip: If there’s enough space in your bedroom, do consider this “upgrade” in size for a much better quality of sleep.


Dimensions in centimetres (cm):  W 107 cm X L 190 cm

Dimensions in inches (in): W 42 in X L 75 in

 Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Bed | Recommended for: Couples or 1 Adult with 1 Child

Not sleeping alone? Then the previous two sizes will be too small to comfortably you and your sleeping partner.

The Queen size mattress, at 152 cm in width and 190 cm in length, comfortably fits up to 2 adults who don’t move much in their sleep or even a single adult who just wants to enjoy stretching out in their sleep.

Compared to the King size which also fits 2 adults, the Queen size is a lot more space saving (which is important for small bedrooms), and less costly.


Dimensions in centimetres (cm):  W 152cm X L 190 cm

Dimensions in inches (in): W 60 in X L 75 in

 King Size Mattress

King Size Bed | Recommended for: Couples with 1 Child or Pet

The largest available mattress size, the King size, offers a luxurious amount of space to move around in bed without disturbing your partner too much.

At 182 cm in width and 190 cm in length, the King size is the perfect choice for a restful night of sleep for couples if space in the bedroom is not an issue.


Dimensions in centimetres (cm):  W 182cm X L 190 cm

Dimensions in inches (in): W 72 in X L 75 in


Singapore Mattress Sizing Versus Overseas Mattress Sizing

While most retailers in Singapore adhere to the Singapore mattress sizing, there are those who don’t. So do make sure that you check the specific dimensions instead of relying on generic terms like twin, double, queen, or king to make your choice.

Reasons to opt for Singapore mattress sizing? Overseas mattresses come in different dimensions which may not fit local bedframes, beddings, and any other accessories.


LUANNA Mattresses: Available in Singapore Mattress Sizing

On the lookout for a comfortable AND supportive mattress for a good night’s sleep that also happens to be available in Singapore sizes? Look no further – LUANNA mattresses check off every box for a top-class sleeping experience.

Each LUANNA mattress is designed to deliver an enjoyable and uninterrupted sleep experience for you. Whatever your budget, there’s a LUANNA mattress for you!


LUANNA Comfort offers a new hybrid cool gel memory foam technology coupled with motion-isolation pocket spring coils for cooling yet ergonomically supported slumber. Did we also mention its anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties? Perfect for people prone to allergies.


LUANNA Pro Tencel is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a cooling night of uninterrupted sleep. Pairing the cutting-edge cooling gel memory foam with Tencel top fabric for ultimate ventilation and moisture absorption makes it the ideal choice for humid climates like Singapore.


LUANNA Premier takes luxury sleep to the next level. With an ICE Silk top fabric that offers a smooth buttery tactile feeling, and up to 65% cooling properties compared to most fabrics, an additional natural latex layer for enhanced circulation and support, on top and above all the other amazing properties, what more can you ask for?


Rated at 6.1 to 6.9 out of 10 for firmness, the most popular level of firmness amongst Singaporean consumers, it’s no wonder the LUANNA mattress is selling like hotcakes these days.

Ready to get your LUANNA mattress? Head over to Lulu Furniture to select your ideal model and size and enjoy free delivery today! As a bonus, we’re also throwing in 10 years warranty (yes, that’s how durable our mattresses are!)


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