5 of The Best Dressing Tables in Singapore to Complete Your Styling Zone

Whether you get ready in the bedroom or have your very own dedicated dressing room, a dressing table makes for the perfect addition to complete your personal styling zone.

Now, the difficult part is choosing the perfect dressing table for your needs. Need an easily accessible LED mirror for your makeup sessions away from the shared bathroom with your partner? Want some extra storage within reach for your overflowing skincare, makeup essentials, and hair accessories?

Having thought long and hard about all your possible needs and wants for the ideal dressing table, our team at Lulu Furniture has helped to curate the top 5 dressing table models from our collection with amazing features!

Scroll on to see which of our picks are the perfect addition for your room!


LINA Simple Dressing Table Set with LED Mirror

Sophisticated and minimalist with a classy white and gold colour palette, the LINA Simple Dressing Table Set with LED Mirror will be a stylish addition to any modern interior.

It is clear that plenty of thought has gone into the design of this dressing table for a comfortable and enjoyable dressing-up experience:

  • The accompanying pudding chair comes not only with a high-quality anti-scratch leather fabric for durability but also a high-density sponge for comfort.
  • There is a subtly incorporated anti-drop design around the tabletop to prevent accidental drops into areas that are hard to get to.
  • And more…

But most importantly of all, for the ideal dressing up experience, the LINA Dressing Table Set also comes with a sizeable build-in LED vanity mirror of 45cm diameter atop the countertop. Now that you have your personal vanity mirror, say goodbye to the days of fighting for precious mirror real estate in the shared bathrooms with your kids or partner.


LINA Luxury Dressing Table Set - Sintered Top with LED Mirror

The LINA Luxury Dressing Table Set is exactly what its name suggests – a dressing table that is not just dripping with opulence in design, but also complete with a suite of premium features that any woman will love to have!

At a glance, you will notice that unique marbling of the dressing table’s countertop – that’s a specially imported sintered stone top that is not only easy on the eyes but also incredibly durable, heat resistant, and stainproof. No more worries about leaving your hair curlers on it or having an extremely dirty dressing table after a makeup session!

Next up, the mirror is also not any ordinary mirror, but a smart-touch high-definition LED beauty mirror so that you are able to adjust the illumination required for your specific makeup needs!

And that is not all. With other premium features like eco-friendly microfiber leather in the quilted design, imported pine wood for the table structure, luxurious gold accents to the anti-collision designs to prevent any nasty knocks against the table (we all know how that hurts!) and more, the LINA Luxury Dressing Table is truly in a league of its own.


MARSE Dressing Table Set

Prefer something more compact that can also double up as a desk when not in use? The MARSE Dressing Table Set is your perfect solution.

While it may look unassuming at first glance, the tabletop of the dressing table opens up to reveal a large hidden vanity mirror and plenty of hidden storage! Worried about a messy tabletop? Now you can easily hide them all away within the hidden compartments of your dressing table instead.

Have items that you use all the time? Just leave the commonly used items on the conveniently located shelving atop the table so you don’t have to reopen your tabletop all the time!

Done with your makeup for the day? Simply close the top lid and use the 1.1m spacious tabletop for your studies or work!

Aesthetics-wise, the earthy combination of paint-free dark textured wood, dark grey drawers, and black legs, gives it an overall classic yet modern industrial feel – perfect for homes going for rustic or industrial themes.


MARSE Dressing Table Set (Rack Type)


For those who do not require their dressing table to double up as a study table, from the same MARSE collection, comes the MARSE Dressing Table Set (Rack Type) that is essentially a similarly compact set up like the previous table set. But featuring a 3 colour Bluetooth makeup mirror atop the counter for convenience instead.

At a glance, this particular set up is catered perfectly for a comfortable makeup session, with a large-sized mirror and easily accessible compartments, and well-partitioned storage areas (both atop the table and within the large drawers) to keep your makeup stash away neatly.


MARSE Dressing Table Set (Cabinet Type)


Find yourself in need of a lot more storage area than traditional dressing tables offer? Well, the MARSE collection has a unique model that might just meet your needs! Introducing the MARSE Dressing Table Set (Cabinet Table) that comes with an attached cabinet with plenty of storage space!

With a 1-metre-tall cabinet with 4 storage compartments, you can rest assured that all your makeup, skincare, and hair products will have their very own dedicated space. And best of all, it’s all within reach of your vanity table – so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the bathroom or wherever it is you store your products currently.

To complete the setup, the attached dressing table in the set also comes with an LED vanity mirror and a spacious tabletop of 0.8m to allow for plenty of space to get ready in the mornings and evenings. How perfect!


Find Your Ideal Dressing Table Today!

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