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We are one of the best dining chairs suppliers in Singapore, providing various dining chairs types, such as simple dining chairs, luxury dining chairs, Eames dining chairs, Armrest dining chairs, and canteen dining chairs. The designer pieces sold by us in Singapore are durable, and affordable, offering you a one-stop dining chairs solution.

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EAMES PU Cushioned Office/Table/Dining Chair
  • $39.90
Free Delivery
PLAST Nordic Dining Chairs
  • $39.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Nordic Dining Chairs
  • $29.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Blue
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Red
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Black
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Camel
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - White
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
KUTA Nordic Dining Chairs
  • $39.80
Free Delivery
ZOK Back and Arm rest Dining Chair
  • $59.90
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Dark Grey
  • $23.90
Free Delivery
LUNA Back Rest Dining Chair
  • $129.00
Free Delivery
LANDI Luxury Arm Rest & Back Rest Dining Chair
  • $199.00
Free Delivery


COLAR PVC Leather Armrest Dining Chair
  • $229.00
  • $169.00
Free Delivery
CITI Luxury Dining Chair
  • $139.00
Free Delivery


CONSTANCE Luxury PVC Leather Dining Chair
  • $239.00
  • $169.00
Free Delivery
NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfort Arm Rest & Back Rest - Green
  • $23.90
Free Delivery

Things to Consider When Buying Dining Chairs

If you are on the lookout for the perfect dining chairs to complete your dining space, this is the perfect guide for you!

Whether you are looking to host your friends and family at your new place for dinner parties or simply hoping to create a cosy dine-in space with your partner for regular meals, the right dining chair can make all the difference!

So, how can you go about choosing the right chair for your needs? To help you out, our team at Lulu Furniture has compiled a list of 5 things you should consider when shopping for your dining chairs!


Consider The Dining Chair Size Required

When it comes to furniture purchases, size and measurements are extremely important to ensure that the pieces you choose can fit into the space you have designated for it, and dining chairs are no different.

Here are some standard height measurements to consider:

  • The standard dining table height is approximately 30 inches
  • The standard dining seat height is around 18 inches

If you plan to purchase a dining table of a different height, just make sure to provide a gap allowance of around 12 inches between the table and chair for suitably comfortable legroom.

Apart from legroom considerations, you also want to ensure that when arranging the chairs around the table, to allow for a comfortable gap between each chair so that people will not be bumping into one another.

The rule of thumb is to leave around 24 inches of space per chair (measured from the middle of each chair). With this in mind, you should be able to plan for the right number of chairs that can fit around your table comfortably.


Keep The Weight of the Dining Chairs in Mind

The weight of the dining is an important yet oft-neglected consideration. Think about how we use our dining chairs – pulling and dragging them to get ourselves into place.

Now imagine if the dining chairs in your home are heavy, wouldn’t it make it hard for little ones or the elderly to be seated at the dining table?

Also, think about the scratches on the floor with all that dragging and pushing, particularly if you have easily tarnished flooring types like marble or parquet.

Don’t want your dining chairs to be a source of frustration and worry? Make sure you try out the weight of the chairs beforehand.


Do You Require the Dining Chairs To be Stackable?

If you are working with a space constraint, you might want to plan ahead on how you might be able to accommodate more than the comfortable number of guests with a flexible sitting arrangement.

One of the best ways is to consider stackable dining chairs that you can pull out from storage as and when needed and be able to be neatly tucked away after a dinner party.  

Not fussed about having a standard design? Then you can opt for stackable stools instead.


How Important Is Comfort to You with the Dining Chairs?

If you plan to be sitting on these chairs for a long time, make sure you consider some of these important comfort features:

  • Avoid chairs with straight hard backings, as that is not the most ergonomic sitting form
  • Opt for cushioning both on the seat and backrest for additional comfort
  • For non-cushioned chairs, look for those with an imprint so that it’s more comfortable and a curved or reclined back
  • Like to rest your arms somewhere? Look for dining chairs with armrests

Looking for something comfortable and minimalist? Our EAMES PU Cushioned Dining Chair is an ideal choice for most home aesthetics. It not only comes with a comfortable padded seat but also a slightly reclined curved back for a maximum comfort!


Which Style of Dining Chairs Best Suits Your Space?

Now that we’ve considered most of the practical considerations, let’s move on to style and design factors to keep in mind.

Want a cohesive look for your dining space? Make sure to pick a style of dining chairs that goes with the room’s overall theme.


Classic Armchair

A classic piece in any formal dining room, the armchair immediately adds a touch of elegance to any space. Not to mention the comfort of being able to rest your arms on the armrest between bites or conversation.

Aesthetics-wise, upholstered armchairs come in all sorts of colours and prints, so it would be an easy task to find one that matches your room’s colour scheme.

Not interested in a classic upholstered armchair? Why not consider our modern armchair collection – the NUDEO Designer Dining Chair with Comfortable Arm Rest and Back Rest.


Ladder Back Chair

This style of dining chair features a horizontal board across the back of the chair, creating support for the chair but still retaining an open and airy feel to it.

As they typically come in wooden finishes, these chairs are most suited for homeowners going for a more western rustic or vintage feel.


Cantilever Chair

A modern-looking chair that looks bendy and fun, the Cantilever chair is a great fit for modern styles from industrial to minimalist contemporary.


Plastic Moulded Chairs

Inspired by the Eames chair, these plastic chairs are increasingly becoming a staple in modern households with minimalist or Scandinavian styles.

Thanks to the plastic material, it is not only available in plenty of funky colours but also easy to wipe down and maintain.

Check out our PLAST Nordic Dining Chairs to add a pop of colour to your dining space.


Ready to Shop for Your Dining Chairs?

Now that you’ve read up about the important factors to look out for when choosing the right dining chairs for your needs, are you ready to start your search again?

Start your journey at Lulu Furniture today! We offer a variety of dining chairs to suit every homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Still in need of some more advice on how to narrow down your search for your dining chairs? Just reach out to our friendly customer service team via the “Chat with Us” button on our website and let them help you with your enquiries!