Pros & Cons of Choosing a Sliding Door Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Can’t decide to go for a traditional hinged wardrobe or sliding door wardrobe to house your precious fashion collection?

Want our opinion? The truth is, for Singaporean homes where compact bedrooms are the norm, space-maximizing storage solutions need to be a priority.

That’s why our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture are here to put up a strong case for sliding door wardrobes!

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of choosing a sliding door wardrobe over a hinged one for small bedrooms.

 Sliding Wardrobe Singapore

Pros of A Sliding Door Wardrobe


An Ultimate Space-Saver

Living in space-scarce Singapore homes, the importance of space-saving furniture cannot be neglected. For customers with smaller bedrooms, we highly recommend sliding wardrobes over the hinged types for the simple reason that it takes up significantly less space.

Just visualize it in your mind. A traditional hinged wardrobe of the same size takes up a lot more space because you need to provide an allowance for the doors to open outwards. This means you cannot have any other things in the way, and it will obstruct traffic flow within the bedroom.

On the other hand, a sliding door takes up only the space of the wardrobe itself thanks to the sliding panels which require little to no space for accessibility to your wardrobe. If need be, you can even have the wardrobe right next to your bed without any problems.


Comes With a Wide Variety of Finish Options

Want your wardrobe to match the aesthetics of your bedroom interior décor perfectly? That’s not an issue for sliding door wardrobes which come in a huge variety of finish options – even for off-the-shelf models.

Just to give you a taster, at Lulu Furniture, we offer finishes like veneer, laminates, tempered glass, mirror, and even half-wooden and half glass combinations, with a wide variety of colour palettes. Interested to see our popular models? Scroll down to check out our top 5 models!

Traditional off-the-shelf hinged door wardrobes on the other hand tend to come in more traditional finishes as they are not as glass friendly. Hence people who require more customizations end up opting for expensive in-built carpentry options.


Sleek and Contemporary Aesthetic

Prefer a more sleek and modern aesthetic for your bedroom? Going with a sliding wardrobe cannot go wrong.

Not only does it come with more trendy finish options like tempered glass, frosted glass, and mirrored panels, but many off-the-shelf models also come with see-through designs that are all the rage these days!


Surprisingly Affordable

For all the amazing benefits that come with sliding door wardrobes, you would naturally assume that it comes with a significant premium. But they are surprisingly more affordable than their hinged door counterparts.

All things considered, doesn’t it make a lot more sense to opt for a spacing-saving, trendier, and more affordable option? We think so.


Cons of A Sliding Door Wardrobe


Partially Blocked Interior

The only downside we can think of for sliding wardrobes is that the sliding panels will always be blocking part of the interior of the wardrobe at any point in time even when opened.

But with newer glass door models, you can always get a full view of what’s on the inside even though you might not have full access to it at once.

However, if you prefer full access to everything in your wardrobe, then this is probably not for you. Instead, you can consider our hinged door option – the KLASS Walk-in Wardrobe which gives complete access with its 2 or 3 doors.


5 Different Styles of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Convinced of the benefits that a sliding wardrobe will bring to your small compact bedroom space? Next up, it’s time to choose from a wide variety of styles to suit your bedroom interior. Here are 5 popular styles to consider:


Classic & Timeless

If you are going for a timeless and sophisticated look for your bedroom interior, then the MUTRA Simple Sliding Door Wardrobe is the perfect choice for that.

Comes with abundant storage compartments, encased in an all-white body, with a minimalist design on the sliding panels for a touch of classiness.

Most suited for all-white or simple interiors.


Subtle Modern Luxury

Want to incorporate hints of modern luxury into your bedroom interior? The WAHIE Luxury Sliding Wardrobe with Locker will make for a great functional yet aesthetic centrepiece in your bedroom.

Hints of gold lining and dark peek-through tempered glass panels give off a chic and contemporary look. Exterior aside, you can also opt from the varying interior configurations to best suit your storage needs.


Back to Basics

Going for the minimalist Japanese or Scandinavian vibes? Our muji-esque MUTRA Sliding Wardrobe is the essential wardrobe you will need for your bedroom’s finishing touches.

Elevated on adorable stilts, and complete with the ever-popular white and wooden colour combination, this wardrobe is as no-frills as it gets.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Designing a man cave or moody bachelor pad? Our KLASS Designer Tempered Glass Sliding Wardrobe looks like it came right out of a scene in a movie.

Every element of the wardrobe simply oozes masculine contemporary vibes befitting a stylish fashionista. From the “now you see me, now you don’t” dark tempered glass doors to the soft interior lighting that creates the perfect ambience for showcasing your suit collection.



Don’t like the idea of an entirely see-through glass wardrobe but also don’t want to hide all your prized possessions behind a wooden door? Our KLASS Tempered Glass Wardrobe in Walnut is the ideal middle ground with its partial glass sections that allow you to hide clutter while showcasing your prized items all at the same time.


Looking for an Affordable and Trendy Sliding Door Wardrobe in Singapore?

Head over to Lulu Furniture and check out our diverse wardrobe collection online.

Ready for your purchase? Go ahead and make payment conveniently online and enjoy free delivery and installation services for a fuss-free furniture shopping experience with us.


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