Buying A Sofa in Singapore: How to Choose a Suitable Sofa for Your Living Room?

Welcome to the world of sofa shopping in Singapore! But with different styles, sizes, materials, and prices to consider, where do you start? Fear not!

In this comprehensive guide, our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture will walk you through the essentials of buying a sofa in Singapore. From sizing up your space, exploring different types of sofas, considering the right materials, and budgeting wisely, we've got you covered. So, get ready to make an informed decision and find the perfect sofa that will elevate the comfort and style of your living space. Let's dive in!


Sofa Singapore
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Know Your Basic Dimensions

As practical furniture people, we always start with the question, “How much space do you have?”. There’s no point in going through the full catalogue or showroom and picking out your favourites only to realize your dream sofa is not going to fit into your living space.

So always make sure you begin with your size considerations. Get your handy tape measure, and start measuring out the space you want your sofa to fill in your living room before you do anything else. Now with these dimensions in hand, you can easily narrow down your sofa options next!

Tip: It is also helpful to note the dimensions of doorways where the sofa needs to be transported through!


What Type of Configuration?

Do you prefer the two separate sofas or one long combined sectional sofa? Do you have enough space for a 3-seater sofa plus a 2-seater or a more compact 2-seater sofa alone?

Following up on the space considerations from the first factor to consider, the next step is to consider the permutation in which you would like to best seat the maximum number of people in your living space.

Sectionals are typically recommended for larger spaces so if you do not have a large place to work around, it would be to your benefit to consider separate sofas for a more modular configuration and give the illusion of more space.


What Style Are You Going For?

Considering that the sofa is going to be taking up a significant footprint of the living space, it most definitely needs to fit well into the aesthetics of the room that you are going for.

Once you decided on an overall design aesthetic for the room, you can now look for a sofa that fits it style-wise. 

Looking to create a calm and soothing living space with a neutral colour palette? Perhaps a sofa with soft and light-coloured fabric coverings, rounded shapes, and plush cushions would be ideal. Prefer a more industrial style? Then perhaps a sofa with visible metal frames and distressed leather materials would suit you better.


The Right Material for Your Needs

Aside from how the material looks, the practical consideration is how easy it is to maintain and how durable it is. As such, it makes sense to consider your usage of the sofa and pick a suitable material for your needs.

Fabric sofas: These are typically popular for their affordable price tag, comfort, and versatility as they come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and textures that match easily with most types of home décor. However, the downside is they are harder to clean up in cases of spills or dirt, are easy targets for pets’ scratches, and require more maintenance in general.

Leather sofas: A luxurious, hypoallergenic, and more durable option that ages gracefully, and is easy to maintain with simple wipe-downs. Is ideal for households with children or pet owners but may not be as easy to pair with most styles and tend to be more expensive.


Firmness and Comfort

Finding the right balance between firmness and comfort is essential to ensure your sofa provides optimal support and relaxation – an especially important factor for couch potatoes like us!

Firmness refers to the level of resistance or support that the cushions and frame provide when you rest on the sofa – ranging from soft, medium to firm levels.

Softer sofas tend to come with plush feather or foam cushions that prioritize sinking comfort and a relaxed, casual seating experience, however, they may not provide enough support and will require fluffing to maintain their shape. Firm sofas on the other hand tend to come filled with high-density foam, memory foam, and more to offer a more supportive and upright seating experience and make it easier for people with mobility issues to get on and off the sofa.

Comfort, on the other hand, encompasses all other factors that affect your seating experience – from how the choice of upholstery material whether breathable or not can enhance comfort in hot humid weathers like in Singapore, to how sturdy the frame construction is to provide stability and better support.


Additional tip: In space constraint Singapore home, sofa is usually works as bed as well. Take a look at our sofa bed collection here. You may find something that is suitable for you.


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