Loft Bed Buying Guide: What You Should Know Before Getting One!

Who said loft beds are only for kids? In Singapore’s tiny bedrooms, loft beds are a fantastic space-saving option that allows you to maximize floor space with both a raised bed frame and frees up plenty of space below the bed to be used for various purposes – whether you are an adult or child!

Have set your heart on getting a loft bed? Make sure to read through this useful buying guide to make sure you have considered all the relevant factors before making your purchase to avoid buyer’s regret!

Loft Bed
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Do You Have The Right Ceiling Height?

Don’t want to hit your head on the ceiling every time you climb up the loft bed or sit up in bed? Then you want to make sure to allow for enough headroom clearance between the mattress to the ceiling.

The golden rule is to leave a minimum of 33 inches and more space between the top layer of your mattress and the ceiling for comfortable clearance, but you can always opt for more if you want more space.

As such, the lower the ceiling height in your room, the more you’ll need to make accommodations to ensure there’s always a comfortable gap. This includes opting for thinner mattresses, or lower-height loft beds.


What is A Suitable Size for Your Needs?

Depending on whether the loft bed is for a child, one adult, or a couple, you’ll need to consider if there’s a suitably sized frame to suit your sleeping needs.

Most loft beds come in a Single or Super Single size, suitable for children or one adult, and hence have dimensions that are usually small enough to fit any bedroom space in Singapore.

However, if you are opting for larger-sized loft beds, do make sure to check the dimensions of the frame. To allow access around the bed, you want to make sure there is at least 30 inches of space between the bed frame and the walls around.

Tip: Also, always make sure to check for weight limits, as some designs are designed specifically for kids and may not be able to hold adult weights.


Are You of Suitable Age and Maturity?

Loft beds being at elevated heights are a potential risk for falls if not used safely, especially if the user is too young or not mature enough to safely navigate their way up and down the loft bed.

The general recommendation is that children need to be at least 6 years of age and be able to understand that they should not be jumping off or on the loft bed or any such dangerous behaviour while on the bed.


Are Guard Rails Necessary?

Rather than necessary, we would say that guard rails are a very useful feature for loft beds to avoid any unnecessary or accidental falls while sleeping whether the user is an adult or child.

Particularly if the user has a habit of rolling around in their sleep, having a guard rail is extremely important to help prevent an accident.

As most loft beds tend to be placed up against one wall, there’s only a need for guard rails on the exposed side of the bed.


What Can You Do with The Space Below?

Depending on the height clearance available, there are so many different things you can opt to do with the space below. Some common ideas include:

  • A dedicated play area
  • A study or work desk area
  • Extra storage or wardrobe space

Given how popular some of these use cases are, some models of loft beds even come ready with in-built desks, or wardrobe space. Alternatively, if you prefer to customize your own space under the bed, you can also opt for models that come with just a simple bedframe.


LUANNA: The Right Mattress for Your Loft Bed

All the extra and fancy functionality and fun aside, loft beds are after all a place for a good night’s sleep. After picking the perfect loft bed frame for your needs, don’t forget about getting the right mattress for it.

Designed with Singapore’s hot and humid climate in mind, LUANNA mattresses are made with new cooling technology and materials for a cooling and enjoyable sleep experience.

The good news? They are available in all of Singapore’s standard mattress sizes – Single, Super Single, Queen, and King – so that they can fit any model of loft bed you end up choosing!

Ready to order your LUANNA mattress today? Visit Lulu Furniture to select your perfect mattress and enjoy free delivery on us! As an additional bonus, you also get to enjoy 10 years warranty (yes, that’s how durable our mattresses are.)


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