Metal Vs. Wood: Which Is Your Ideal Bed Frame for A Good Night’s Sleep?

When it comes to investing in a bedroom setup for a good night’s sleep, many first-time homeowners tend to end up focusing on the mattress quality while neglecting the importance of the choice of bed frame to support the mattress.

Imagine the metal or wood bedframe as the foundation upon which the mattress (the house upon which your body) rests. If the foundation is weak, no matter how good the “house” or mattress is, your body will not be supported well and will suffer from poor quality of sleep.

Hence to clarify once and for all, the ideal setup for a good night’s includes both a quality mattress paired with a matching bedframe to provide a sturdy foundation for comfort – both equally indispensable.

So how to go about choosing your ideal bed frame? In this article, our furniture experts at Lulu Furniture break down the pros and cons of the two main types of bed frames – metal versus wood bed frames – so you can decide on which works best for your needs!


Wooden Bed Frame
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Wondering which type of bedframe can last longer, giving you more bang for your buck in the long run?

The good news is both metal and wooden bedframes, if built from quality materials, are incredibly strong and durable, and able to withstand daily wear and tear, making them great as long-term investments for your sleep if properly cared for.

However, in terms of maintenance, do note that metal frames tend to be more prone to rusting over time, particularly in our humid Singapore climate. Wooden bedframes, on the other hand, tend to come coated with a finish that not only makes them less susceptible to humidity, scratches, or stains – an easier-to-care-for option!



When it comes to providing support and withstanding the weight of heavy mattresses, both metal and wood are equally robust building materials that offer sufficient support.

However, in terms of bed frame designs, wooden bedframes tend to come with designs that offer more support for the mattress – from thicker legs, one-piece landing, wooden slats, centre supports, and more compared to their metal counterparts.

As such, if you’re a heavier sleeper (pun intended!), do consider a wooden bedframe for better reinforced support for a good night’s sleep.

Check out our LUNA Storage Drawer Tatami Bed Frame built from solid quality plywood plates, one-piece landing, and strong load-bearing materials (up to 300 kg) that offers optimum support for your sleep.



No one likes to hear noises in the middle of the night, which is why it is important to consider whether the type of bedframe you choose could result in creaking noises as you toss and turn in bed.

Metal bedframes, put together by many screws and joints, tend to creak and squeak as you move around the bed due to friction. While adding lubricants to the joints can help minimise the sound, it’s not a full-proof nor long-term solution.

Hence, if you’re a light sleeper, you might want to opt for wooden bedframes which offer a quiet sleep. Due to the rigid structure of a wooden bedframe, it barely gives off any noise as you lay in bed.



One big difference between wooden and metal bedframes is their weight. Because more wooden bedframes tend to come with storage compartments and are constructed with more material for a more rigid and sturdy structure, they tend to weigh a lot more than their lightweight metal counterparts.

This is only an important consideration if you plan to change your sleeping arrangement every so often. In this case, a metal bedframe would be more convenient to move around into new arrangements rather than a heavy wooden one.



Depending on what type of theme you are going for in the bedroom, metal, and wooden bedframes each offer a very different type of aesthetic.

Prefer a modern, industrial, or contemporary look? That’s where a metal bedframe can work perfectly with your monochromatic or stylish look.

In contrast, a wooden bedframe, is even more versatile, working well with all sorts of themes – from minimalist Scandinavian platform beds, and whimsical child bunk beds, to elegant French-styled poster beds and more.



Like the idea of having storage compartments built into your bedframe for convenience? Then wooden bedframes are for you.

Wooden bed frames often come in designs that incorporate storage – whether it is sliding drawer cabinets, flip-up under- the-bed storage, or even storage headboards.

On the other hand, metal bedframes are usually, as the name suggests, a frame, and does not come with any additional storage.

Check out our LUNA Storage Drawer Bed Frame with Headboard that comes with a wealth of storage options to maximize your space in the bedroom – opt for add-ons like a 1.5 m bedside locker, headboard cabinet, choice of high box bed for flip-up and slide-out drawers and more!


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