Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home

When it comes to home décor, choosing the right furniture is key to defining your home’s style. But with so many options out there, the decision process can be overwhelming.

Need some guidance? Our furniture experts over at Lulu Furniture have compiled a simple-to-follow guide to help you make practical and stylish choices for your home.

Let’s get started!


Dining Room Furniture
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The first and most practical consideration to start with is your budget. Deciding on the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on your home furniture will help you quickly narrow down your options as well.

Having a number (or range) in mind while shopping helps you quickly eliminate options and move on to the next best choice – without having to struggle to do mental calculations on the spot.

At Lulu Furniture, we have furniture suitable for all budgets. So, whether you’re a homeowner on a budget or looking to splash out on your crib, we’ve got you.

Here’s an example of our different collections of dining chairs for different budgets:





PLAST Nordic Dining Chairs Zok Back and Arm Rest Chairs CONSTANCE Luxury PVC Leather Dining Chair

Our PLAST Nordic Dining Chairs are clean and simple in design

Our Zok Back and Arm Rest Chairs are sophisticated yet affordable designs that don’t break the bank.

Our CONSTANCE Luxury PVC Leather Dining Chair is the epitome of comfort and modern chic all rolled into one.


Design Theme

Don’t want your home to look like a mishmash of different pieces of furniture just haphazardly put together without any thought? Then make sure you have a clear picture of what you would like your home to look like.

That is where deciding on the design theme comes into play. Are you going for a simple and minimalistic style? A raw industrial look? Or an opulent and luxurious theme?

Once you settle on your choice of design theme for your home, you will have a clearer understanding of the colour palette, textures, and materials you will need for your furniture and décor to work within the theme.


Minimalistic / Monochrome

Nordic / Muji-Style


GRANDI Sintered Stone Dining Table Set Mutu Dining Table Set ALPHA Sintered Stone Luxury Dining Table Set

Our GRANDI Sintered Stone Dining Table Set is understated, comes in neutral colours, perfect for any minimalist or monochrome abode.

Love the simple yet warm charm of wooden furnishings for your nordic or Muji-styled home? Our Mutu Dining Table  Set is a perfect choice for such styles.

Our ALPHA Sintered Stone Luxury Dining Table Set is a striking and grand centrepiece in any luxury themed home


Quality of Material

The reason why we recommend customers to look out for quality materials when choosing furniture is simple. Better quality materials last longer, are more durable, are easier to care for, and in some cases are more comfortable for use.

If these are things that you value, then make sure you lookout for some of these qualities in your materials.

For the uninitiated, here are some advantages of different types of materials:

  • Aluminium – An aluminium-coated finish on furniture offers great protection against natural elements like moisture and dirt – a good choice over most metals for outdoor furniture.
  • Steel - Furniture with steel frames is super sturdy, withstands heavy weight, and is long-lasting.
  • Solid Wood – Most durable type of wood, used in high-end furniture manufacturing
  • PVC – Strong and unbreakable and most importantly super easy to clean and maintain
  • Sintered stone – Highly scratch-resistant, chemical and heat resistant and does not harbour bacteria.


Number of People

Depending on the number of people in the household, and whether you plan to regularly host activities at home, your choice in furniture could differ significantly.

In Singapore where space is a luxury, you would want to make sure you select furniture that maximizes the usage of the space.

If you are living by yourself or with just another partner, then you probably will not require massive sets of furniture. For smaller households, a simple 2-seater sofa, and an accompanying chair or two would probably suffice, as well as a smaller dining table like our Eames round dining table set for 2.

If you have a large household or plan to host parties and gathering regularly at your home, then you would need furniture that can cater to large groups of people. For example, a full-size sectional sofa for the living space, a large (maybe extendable) dining table like our Alpha Sintered Stone Luxury Dining Table that seats 6, and dining chairs that can accommodate everyone.


Keen to learn how to choose the perfect dining table for your needs? Make sure you read our article over here before you make your purchase!


Expert Advice

If it still feels overwhelming trying to go through all these steps by yourself, then don’t hesitate to reach out to professionals who can help you with it.

If you are working with an interior designer for your home renovation, they are a good source to seek ideas and advice for furniture selection that works well with their design.

For those who do not have an interior designer, there are professionals like home stylists who can help with choosing furniture and furnishings to style your entire home for a fee.

Don’t want to pay a separate fee for expert service? No problem! You can always reach out to the experts from the furniture shops themselves, share with them your overall design theme and they can help advise what furniture would best suit your style.

At Lulu Furniture, we have compiled a ton of common questions that we get from customers like yourself and have detailed guides to help you along on our blog.

Want more personalized help and advice? Chat with us online for in-person guidance.


Find Quality Home Furniture at Lulu Furniture Today!

Lulu Furniture is your one-stop-shop for all your home furniture needs! From wardrobes, bookshelf and cabinet, dining tables and chairs, sofas, storage solutions, and more, we have got it all!

Browse our collection online over on our website and shop with peace of mind, knowing that all our furniture comes with a 6-month warranty.

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