Round-Up of Top 5 Seahorse Mattress Singapore

When you think of buying mattresses in Singapore, Sea Horse mattresses inevitably come to mind. After all, this Hong Kong-based brand has already been a household name here in Singapore for decades.

With more than 31 years of being in the mattress industry, endorsements by famous Hong Kong and Singaporean celebrities, and 14 physical stores island-wide, it’s no wonder that it remains a popular mattress amongst Singaporeans to this day.

Wondering how to decide amongst the many different mattresses that the Sea Horse brand offers? Here’s a quick round-up of 5 of its most attractive offerings from the most affordable to the most premium.


Sea Horse Single Foldable Mattress (Firmness: Hard)

Sea Horse Single Foldable Mattress
Photo from Sea Horse official website

This basic no-frills 3-fold design foldable mattress is an affordable and space-saving option for households who need an extra mattress for the occasional overnight house guest.

Think that something as affordable as this is going to be bad for your back? Not when it’s the Sea Horse brand! Even at just 2” inches thick, this mattress is made from high-density foam, which is firm enough to provide sufficient support for the spine.

Not only that, but it also comes in a soft dust bag which makes stowing it away when not in use, easy and convenient.


Sea Horse Hecom Single Foldable Mattress (Firmness: Soft and Hard)

Sea Horse Hecom Single Foldable Mattress
Photo from Sea Horse official website

Prefer a foldable mattress that comes with some bells and whistles? This economically priced Hecom Single Foldable Mattress is for you!

Offering two levels of density (soft and hard), you now have a spare mattress to offer to people with the pickiest sleeping habits.

On top of that, it comes with a delicate quilting design and is made with high-grade fabric which is both breathable and comfortable to touch, so that you don’t even need to go the extra mile with a bedsheet if you don’t want to bother with that.

Like the basic model, it also comes with a convenient dust bag for easy storage.


Sea Horse Foam Mattress (Firmness: Soft and Moderate)

Sea Horse Foam Mattress
Photo from Sea Horse official website

One of the most inexpensive Sea Horse mattresses in Singapore, at under SGD 200, this Sea Horse Foam mattress is a steal!

Can’t decide on whether you prefer soft or moderate firmness for your mattress? Made with high-density foam for softness and highly compressed foam for increased firmness on the other side, this mattress offers two levels of firmness– one on each side for you to switch things up whenever you feel like it.

Available only in Single and King Size at two different thicknesses (4.66’ and 6.66”).


Sea Horse Very Hard Foam Mattress (Firmness: Moderate and Very Hard)

Sea Horse Very Hard Foam Mattress
Photo from Sea Horse official website

If you’re the kind that loves a good hard level of firmness for your mattress, this Sea Horse Very Hard Foam Mattress is the one for you.

It comes with two levels of firmness, a moderate level on one side and a very hard level on the other for you to choose from. The many layers of high-density sponge and ergonomic design of the mattress make for a comfortable night’s sleep with proper support for your back.

Available only in Single, Super Single, and Queen Size at two different thicknesses (6.16” and 8.16”).


Sea Horse Hecom Latex Foam Mattress (Firmness: Soft and Hard)

Sea Horse Hecom Latex Foam Mattress
Photo from Sea Horse official website

The special dual firmness level of this Sea Horse Hecom Latex Foam mattress is not its only exciting feature!

To promote a better sleeping experience, this latex foam mattress also offers anti-mildew, anti-mite, and anti-bacterial properties to keep all the nasties away while you’re asleep.

What’s more, it comes with an advanced choice of mattress fabric that is not only aesthetically elegant but also smooth and soft to touch, making for a comfortable experience when laying on it.

Available only in Single, and Super Single at two different thicknesses (6” and 8”).

Available only in Queen and King Size at two different thicknesses (8” and 10”).


Looking For Other Affordable Quality Mattress Brands?

If these mattresses are not what you’re looking for, then perhaps you might want to consider the all-new range of LUANNA mattresses.

Designed with the latest cutting-edge technology specifically for the Singaporean climate and Singaporean consumer in mind, here are just some of the many features LUANNA mattresses come with:

  • Cool Gel Memory Foam that helps dissipate heat much faster for a cooling sleep
  • Proprietary LUANNA Pocket Spring that provides ultimate motion isolation and targeted support
  • Anti-Mite and anti-bacterial technology that helps keep allergies at bay
  • 3D Mesh Fabric for 360°complete air and moisture circulation in Singapore’s hot and humid climate
  • Tencel and ICE Silk Top Fabric for enhanced ventilation and cooling effect
  • Optimal firmness of 6.1/10 to 6.9/10 – the most popular choice by Singaporean consumers


Check out the different LUANNA mattresses and their respective features today!


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