How To Refresh for your Resale HDB Flat?


When you have your own HDB flat, you’d like to make it as what you want to live where is comfortable, warm space with you and your family. We have listed some suggestions to inspire your thoughts.


  1. Dining Room

A Singapore essential, this space-saving design incorporates a foldable wooden dining table. So, you don’t have to worry about blocked space anymore. Whenever you feel the need to use the dining area, just unfold the table and place chairs around it. We love the Scandinavian vibe of this home, and this area makes it every bit minimalist as well. So, you have enough floor space when you’re not using this small dining area design.

Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Dining Table Set


  1. Living Room

Using symmetry in interior decorating is a classic method for framing and zoning spaces. In this colonial black and white bungalow, the homeowner put together a semi-formal living room with facing sofas (perfect for entertaining) and a couple of accompanying vintage-inspired armchairs for an old-world charm.

Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Armchairs, Bookshelf


  1. Children’s Room

Out of all the resale HDB rooms in the house, the Children’s is by far the most fun—that's literally its entire point. It must be multifunction for the kids, not just for the sleeping space but for the playroom. From at-home climbing walls to epic arts and crafts stations, kids-only crawl spaces, playpens, and more, we're spotlighting twenty-five playroom ideas that'll bring out the kid in all of us. Read on for designer examples to try these playroom ideas in your own home, whether you want to merge it with your child's bedroom, go over-the-top, or create a space that'll mature well and be a place the whole family can enjoy.

Kids bed, kids wardrobe, kids bookshelf, kids table


  1. Study Room (Home Office)

The limited space that most apartments in Singapore offer these days is a given. Hence, few homeowners will sacrifice an entire room or space to turn it into a study room, a work area or a multi-use space. However, if it’s what you really need – for your kids, a quiet spot to complete their homework or chill with friends, and for you, enough worktop space (plus a wee bit of storage) to catch up on some paperwork – then fret not! These ideas from 16 shared study spaces are sure to inspire.

Study Tables, Study Chairs, Bookshelf


  1. Bedroom design

Fashionista’s Dream, This room is a stylish fashionista’s dream come true. Not only is there a full length mirror and a humongous 3-door wardrobe that fits more than my lifetime of clothings bought, the LED lighted dresser will make you feel like a movie star while you apply your makeup.

Sliding Wardrobe, 2 doors Wardrobes, Glass Wardrobes


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