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We are one of the best wardrobe suppliers in Singapore, providing various wardrobe types, such as Sliding wardrobes, bedroom wardrobes, 2-door wardrobes, sliding glass wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes. The designer pieces sold by us in Singapore are durable, affordable, offering you a one-stop wardrobe solution.

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NINA Simple Sliding Wardrobe - White Color
  • From $599.00
Free Delivery
NINA Simple Sliding Wardrobe - Wooden Color
  • From $599.00
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HAIHEE Simple Sliding Wardrobe - Wooden Color
  • From $599.00
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WAHIE Luxury Model Side by Side Door Wardrobe — White S3
  • $458.00
Free Delivery
WAHIE Luxury Model Side by Side Door Wardrobe — Deep Grey S2
  • $599.00
Free Delivery
WAHIE Luxury Model Side by Side Door Wardrobe — White S1
  • $458.00
Free Delivery


Select the Perfect Wardrobe for Your Needs

Undecided between a sliding wardrobe design or hinged doors?  Wondering what are the benefits of a glass wardrobe compared to traditional wooden models?

Finding yourself asking questions like this as you continue your endless search for the ideal wardrobe for your room?

Well, not to worry. Our team at Lulu Furniture has helped to put together a simple 4 question guide to help you narrow down your selection from the hundreds of models and designs available in the market!

How much space do you have for the wardrobe?

The first and most important criteria to get out of the way is to understand how much space in the room do you have for the wardrobe.

Regardless of style or design, if a wardrobe is too big to fit into the allocated space, it will just simply not work.

Make sure you allocate sufficient space for all your storage needs to avoid having to find additional storage space in the future.

Get your measuring tape out and start measuring away. Decide on the space you plan to allocate to your wardrobe space, and you can start filtering your search for wardrobes that fit your size requirement.

Tip: Once you narrow down your wardrobe choices, be sure to double-check the dimensions to ensure that it fits. Using masking tape to mark out the dimensions on the floor and walls will help you to visualize.


Are there specific storage requirements that you need in the wardrobe?

Want to ensure that your wardrobe is suitable for your needs? Well, you need to be clear about what exactly are your needs, to begin with, to ensure you can look for appropriate storage features.

Here are some common examples of storage features to match specific storage needs;

  • Want your kids to dress up themselves? Ensure that their clothes are at reachable heights to facilitate their daily dress-up routine.
  • Have lots of dresses, formal suits, or delicate materials that need to be stored hanging to prevent creasing? You will need to factor in more hanging space in the design.
  • Planning to store your accessories within the wardrobe? You may need to consider see-through drawers, small cubby holes, and even shoe racks to allow you to store them neatly.
  • Do you find yourself getting ready for work early in the morning? Consider getting a wardrobe with a light fixture so you can find your outfit easily without fumbling in the dark.


Is there a specific type of wardrobe that you prefer?

Now that you have squared away the practical considerations, the next step is to move on to stylistic considerations.

The huge variety of wardrobes available on the market can be commonly categorized into the following few categories:

Free-standing versus built-in wardrobes – Free-standing wardrobes are comparatively affordable and easy to transfer, compared to built-in wardrobes which are custom-designed to fit a space and are fixed to the spot.

Two versus three-door panels – More doors tend to incorporate more space and compartments for shelves and hanging space.

Sliding wardrobes versus hinged doors – Sliding doors are a great space saver if your wardrobe is located in a tight space that doesn’t allow doors to open outwards. On the other hand, hinged doors can have added storage on the back if you were to mount on some hooks.

Closed versus open-concept wardrobes – Closed wardrobes are useful for keeping your (sometimes messy collection of clothes) away from prying eyes and dust. In contrast, open concept wardrobes are great for easy access but need to be kept tidy since everything is on full display. Want something in-between? Why not consider tempered glass wardrobes.


What type of exterior design around the wardrobe are you looking for?

Last but not least, the design of the wardrobe is another factor to consider.

Given that it takes up significant space in the room, you might want to think about choosing a design consistent with the overall theme of the space.

Going for something simple and minimalist? Our MUTRA Simple Design Sliding Wardrobe can do the job!

Looking for something elegant and timeless? Our KLASS Upsized Tempered Glass Wardrobe is set to impress with its classic design.

Want that added touch of luxury? Our KLASS 2/3 Door Design Wardrobe is impressive to look at with its tempered glass doors, luxurious gold fittings, and automatic sensor lights.

Find Your Perfect Wardrobe Today!

Feeling more confident about your search for the ideal wardrobe for your needs?

Re-start your search over at Lulu Furniture today! We offer a variety of wardrobes to suit every homeowner’s need! Pssst, assembly is inclusive too, so you don’t have to fuss about setting it up yourself.

Still uncertain about which wardrobe to go for? Just reach out to our friendly customer service team via the “Chat with Us” button on our website and let them advise you!